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  • For a busy mom like me, Better Baby Health is a life saver.  

    I get totally overwhelmed and feel awkward going into health food stores because I don't know exactly what I need, who’s recommendation to trust and what are the best brands. 


    That’s why I get all of our family supplements from Better Baby Health.  If I ever have product questions or concerns I know I can contact Rosemary for her trusted recommendations. She is a true fountain of knowledge when it comes to everything pregnancy and baby health.

    Nicole C. Unionville, Ontario
  • When my husband and I started thinking of getting pregnant I immediately contacted Better Baby Health. I knew that consulting with Rosemary would be ideal way to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

    In the stage of pre-pregnancy care Rosemary did an entire workup of my current health and with this baseline she was able to recommend quality prenatal vitamins, omega 3s, probiotics and more. She even advised me on how to increase and optimize my chances of conception. I was also very pleased on how Rosemary helped me wean myself off caffeine.


    Shortly after completing my prenatal visits I became pregnant. :) yay!  Rosemary was an incredible resource that guided me through proper prenatal supplementation and support through all my stages of pregnancy.  During my pregnancy I travelled to Asia during my first trimester and contracted the flu during my second trimester; I'm very thankful that I was working with Rosemary.  She was an incredible source of knowledge for my travels and a great resource with solutions during being sick. 


    Having the utmost confidence in Rosemary's knowledge and expertise, I continued to consult her after my pregnancy. She gave me invaluable breastfeeding advice, helped me fix my mastitis and helped me optimize my baby’s nutrition.


    She also helped me set up a baby registry right on her site ( has the best priced organic baby products and supplements I’ve seen anywhere in Toronto and GTA).


    I am very grateful for the guidance Rosemary gave me and I am confident that anyone who consults her or uses her products would be very pleased.  I recommend her services every chance I get and will definitely be consulting Better Baby Health for my next pregnancy.


    Thanks again Rosemary for you continued care and support!

    Catherine Tanaka Toronto, Ontario
  • As a first time expectant mother, I had many questions as to how to optimize my health during my pregnancy in order to give my baby the best start possible.  Rosemary Seguin of Better Baby Health had the answers to all of my questions, and was willing and able to address any concerns that came to mind during my pregnancy.  She gave me excellent advice regarding prenatal nutrition, and provided me with the right supplements which helped me to remain well and energized throughout my pregnancy. 

    Vanessa Pulla King City, Ontario
  • Rosemary is a very caring and knowledgeable nutritional consultant. After my first child, I wanted some help getting back to feeling balanced and healthy. Rosemary introduced supplements and healthy food choices to restore balance in my body.

    I took her advice and I started to feel healthy and energetic almost immediately, taking supplements like Phytogreens, SunWarrior Protein and Genestra Super DHA–fish oil to name a few.

    We are now expecting our second child and I attribute this success to the advice Rosemary provided during our consultation sessions. You can feel confident in the products and services that Rosemary provides because she truly believes in guiding people to make wise health choices for them and their families.”

    Michelle Sekulovski Stouffville, Ontario
  • Rosemary was a great help to me during my pregnancy as well as afterwards once I had my little girl.  Rosemary guided me towards the right natural products to use during my pregnancy as well as being on a proper nutritional diet.  Once I had my baby, we had some issues with constipation.  Talking to Rosemary, she kindly advised and provided me with an infant probiotic for daily use.  The probiotic alone helped my baby and she was no longer in pain or constipated. 

    Angela Abbatangelo Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • I went to Rosemary inquiring about my daughter, who is 9 years old and kept getting one urinary tract infection after another. 

    Rosemary guided me on how to help solve my daughters' problem. She gave me advice along with a schedule to follow week by week on what vitamins to take. 

    I am happy to say my daughter does not get any more urinary tract infections. After taking a probiotic, omega 3 fish oil, calcium supplement, vitamin D and a high quality children’s multivitamin, my daughter was infection free and we didn’t need to use any more antibiotics.

    Since she helped me with my daughter I decided to inquire about myself.  For my busy lifestyle she recommended Pharmax “Four Pillars” supplement for it’s convenience and ease of use.  I absolutely love the Four Pillars daily multipack strip that consists of a multivitamin, omega-3 fatty acid, antioxidant, and probiotic.  These vitamins have the required daily levels of essential nutrients my body needs.  My husband even started taking these and he loves them.  I am also taking a Calcium Supplement. We trust Rosemary and feel she really does the research and educates us well on what our body needs, catering to each of our individual situations. 

    Rosemary, thank you for being there and for all your expert advice and guidancd.

    Nella Monte Unionville, Ontario
  • Rosemary was a huge help pre and post pregnancy!

    It was important to me to try and have a natural birth. Rosemary suggested prenatal supplements to help get my body ready for labour, which had many unexpected challenges.

    Having a compassionate and helpful nutritionist to guide you through pregnancy is every's new mum’s dream. Breastfeeding was quite difficult for me with my lil guy not being able to latch properly and I will never forget how Rosemary helped me when one of my breasts became engorged. Her advice worked much to my relief.

    Thanks to Rosemary I'm a much more confident mum. Her on-going support and advice will definitely help my family and I live a healthier life.

    Cristine de Leon Markham, Ontario