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Our Difference is Canada's first online store dedicated to pregnancy and health baby products. is the first online store in Canada to offer high quality supplements together with natural and organic baby products.

From prenatal vitamins, probiotics and omega-3 fish oils to organic skin care and healthy baby bottles, moms can shop everything they need for a healthy pregnancy and baby, all from the comfort of home.

Nutritionist mom Rosemary Seguin

Supported by a Certified Nutritionist Mom. is supported by Certified Nutritionist Mom, Rosemary Seguin CNP.  As a nutritionist who specializes in pregnancy and baby health, Rosemary extends her passion and knowledge to help women enhance the health of their pregnancy and baby. For more on Rosemary, visit our About Us page. 

Free product support and guidance. makes shopping for a healthy pregnancy and baby stress-free by offering free guidance and product support. Have a question about fertility or prenatal vitamins? Wondering how to increase breast milk supply or boost your child’s immunity? Whatever the question, our nutritionist mom is here to help. Moms can directly ask Rosemary a question on our “Nutritionist Mom Q&A” page or message her directly on our Facebook page.

Special shopping sections to support pregnancy and baby.

Our “Supplements For” shopping sections consist of our nutritionist mom's recommended vitamins and supplements for every stage of pregnancy and baby. Rosemary has professionally evaluated the nutritional breakdown and ingredients of every single product. Categories like fertility, preconception, and prenatal, to post partum and breastfeeding, all carry specific products Rosemary has successfully used with herself, her family and her clients.  

Special, high-quality brands.

Moms can shop a special selection of high quality brands together in one store. Supplement brands with the highest levels of purity like Genestra, Metagenics, and NewChapter. Safe and natural brands like Lifefactory Glass Bottles and Mambino Organics truly make a unique one-stop shop for a healthy mom and baby.

A store moms trust. is a store moms trust. Moms can feel confident that what they are buying is the best for their pregnancy and child’s health.