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Lifefactory 9oz Glass Baby Bottle Grass Green

  • Lifefactory 9oz Glass Baby Bottle Grass Green
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Lifefactory 9oz Glass Baby Bottle - Grass Green

Made of super strong and durable borosilicate glass. Non-toxic, BPA, PVC and phthalate free.

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Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle - 9oz – The “BEST & STRONGEST” glass baby bottle around!

Who knew a baby bottle could look so good and feel so great? With energizing colours and a fun-to- hold grip, the Lifefactory bottle makes everybody happy, especially baby!

The Lifefactory glass baby bottle just feels right.  The soft comfort of the re-assuring, grippy sleeve stimulates your hand, making it hard to put this bottle down, and even harder for baby to drop!  The medical grade silicon sleeves are made in the U.S.A, and like the rest of the bottle, they are non-toxic, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. The sleeve is designed to absorb impact adding an added layer of impact protection and durability.

So could you take this bottle on a trip to the moon? Likely, since it’s made of the same super-strong glass used to insulate the space shuttle. Made in France, Lifefactory’s borosilicate glass is known for its superior durability.  More resistant to thermal shock than any other type of glass, borosilicate glass makes Lifefactory the toughest glass baby bottle around!

♥ Breast pump compatible - breastfeeding moms can conveniently express breast milk directly into their bottle.

♥ Dishwasher safe

The Lifefactory glass baby bottle is a great investment as it converts directly into a sippy cup. Lifefactory’s handy sippy-caps easily convert your beloved glass baby bottle into a sippy cup. 

Lifefactory sippy caps (sold separately) are leak resistant and have steady flow control making them ideal for the drinking demands of toddlers. Easily control the valve flow rate by tightening or loosening cap.

Also available are twist on solid caps(sold separately) As your child outgrows the sippy spout they can transition to the twist on cap and drink right out of the bottle. You can also use the bottle for storing snacks, it's perfect for a lunchbox or traveling.

**While more durable than other types of glass, borosilicate glass can still crack when subject to rapid temperature variations or severe impact++

9oz Bottle includes Stage 2 (3-6 months) Silicone Nipple

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