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Chewbeads Necklace Hudson style in Turquoise

  • Chewbeads Necklace Hudson style in Turquoise
  • Breakaway Clasp on necklace
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  • Chewbeads necklace hudson style shown in black

Chewbeads teething necklace - Hudson Style in Turquoise

Smart, stylish necklaces for mom's. 100% SAFE for BABY to chew, tug and touch. Made from 100% Silicone. 

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Chewbeads teething necklaces - made for stylish mom's, loved by babies!!  

All chewbeads jewelry are 100% SAFE for BABY to chew, tug and touch.  They are smart, fashionable and mom's LOVE them just as much as babies!  

Fashion TIP: Buy a few and wear them layered!! It looks super stylish and babies love the variety!

Why you should have a chewbeads necklace and why we LOVE them:

♥ Made from 100% silicone (Safe for baby!)
♥ No BPA, phthalates, metals, lead or cadmium
♥ Dishwasher safe and super easy to clean, just wash with soap and water (just like a pacifier).
♥ Silicone is loved by babies because it's soft to chew on and helps sooth itchy, painful gums
♥ The breakaway clasp on all necklaces is an added safety feature
♥ Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing.
♥ Looks great, no one would ever know it's a teething necklace!
♥ Can be worn even after your baby is no longer teething.
♥ Saves your expensive jewelry from being tugged on.
♥ Gives peace of mind knowing that your baby is not putting your jewelry in their mouth (big safety issue)
♥ Keeps your baby happy and busy when carrying them around, great to wear when your baby is being toted in a carrier - instant teether!
♥ No worries about your baby loosing their teether, it's safe and secure around your neck - no more trying to find a teether at the bottom of your diaper
♥ Lastly - Make sure you buy one for your mommy friends too! Makes a fantastic, original gift they will LOVE!!!  

LENGTH: Necklaces are approximately 30" long

Please Note: Necklace is Final Sale Item.

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